Amerisleep Mattress Review


Amerisleep is one of the most popular e-commerce mattress companies. Its unique ways of formulating and constructing its mattresses places it one foot ahead of all other online selling mattress companies. In this Amerisleep mattress review, we focus on its wide range of mattresses designed with varying firmness levels. The degree of firmness in its mattresses varies from:

  • Soft feel mattress to
  • Medium firm feel and
  • Firm feel mattress

Amerisleep’s Independence mattress has the softest feel followed closely by its fellow Colonial Mattress.

T his Amerisleep mattress review also highlights all of Amerisleep mattresses, their alikeness and their different firmness degree.

Apart from crafting mattresses with varying firmness feels, Amerisleep uses high quality materials to construct its mattresses with the aim of creating hybrid brands.  By so doing, they target the majority sleepers with different sleeping positions such as:

  1. Back position,
  2. Stomach position and
  3. Side position.

Memory foam mattress is the three word description of Amerisleep. All of its mattresses are created using organic based memory foam layers which are structured almost in the same way.

What are the common features in Amerisleep mattresses?

This part of Amerisleep mattress review gives you detailed information on the similarities in Amerisleep brands.


Being a multiple designer e-commerce mattress company, its brands have common features in their construction, functionality and the feel. It has five different designer mattresses with varying firmness feel which range from soft, medium firm and firm feel mattresses:

Which are the common characteristics in the Amerisleep mattresses?

Their common themes include:

  • All Amerisleep mattresses are constructed through a unique manufacturing process- Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) is the process used in the making of Amerisleep mattresses. It helps prevent all air pollutants from getting into the mattress while still allowing Amerisleep mattresses gain larger cellular structures.


  • Amerisleep prides itself with the effective cooling of their mattresses- this is made possible by the presence of Bio-Pur Foam which vary from 2 to 3 inches to suit different cooling needs of every sleeper.


It is important to Note that this particular foam is different from the advanced Bio-Pur+ foam used in the creation of the latest Amerisleep versions such as:

  • Colonial and
  • Independence


  • All Amerisleep mattresses are created using Bio-based foams- instead of using petroleum based foams, Amerisleep make the use of slightly greener products in the construction of its mattresses which enhances more cooling of the mattresses.


  • Amerisleep celliant covers- the covers of all Amerisleep mattresses are formulated using upgraded threads created from the blending of high thermo- reactive minerals. The presence of these minerals in the cover converts your body heat to infrared light. Infrared light and celliant aids in increasing the flow of your blood. When your blood flow goes up, there is better enhancement of oxygen circulation in your body which helps regulate body heat as well as reducing back pain.



  • Each and every mattress is designed to serve certain needs of particular sleepers- their option of constructing multiple mattress designs helps cater for a wide range of sleepers’ needs with different firmness preferences.


  • A trial period of 90 days is part of Amerisleep policy- if you purchase any mattress from this company; you are given a 90 day money back guarantee. This however, does not include the mailing back mattress fee. You are held responsible for that.



  • All mattresses from Amerisleep are formulated and created in the United States of America.


  • Amerisleep mattresses have special foam addition to their more upgraded models such as Independence and Colonial. Service Modification Technology (SMT) is the term used to refer to iteration done to the transition and Activus foam layers. This is done with the help of giant rollers.

-Creation of air channels on the bottom of the foam by this rollers aids in improving the cooling and breathability of the mattresses.

– In addition, STM helps in redistribution of pressure points on the foam which increases support to the intended areas.

  • Amerisleep mattresses are built with special fire retardant- to help protect the mattresses from fire burning, Amerisleep uses a special fire sock which is a blend of rayon and silica. This fire sock is intended to melt and soother fire flames in cases where fire breaks out.
  • All mattresses in this company have an inclusion of Bio- core Base- this is the support foam which plays the role of foundational base. It size in the mattresses ranges from 6 to 9 inches of the Bio Core. It all depends on mattress requirements.
  • All Amerisleep brands have a 20 year warranty- this includes 10 years of exclusive replacement and 10 years of pro-rating.

Has this Amerisleep Mattress review helped you get the place to find the mattress of your choice? If you want to try one of its brands, visit them at their online official selling site for more details regarding their purchase process.


Do you still need to know more about Amerisleep? Here are the short notes of each one of Amerisleep mattresses:

  1. Liberty Amerisleep Mattress: this Amerisleep brand is created to best suit back and side sleepers. Its soft feel and unexceptional hugs enables the sleepers enjoy their sweet night sleep. It also has medium sinkage rate which allows excellent body support and contours. Fast responsiveness is an added advantage for it helps the mattress regain its normal shape instantly.


  1. Revere Amerisleep Mattress: this design is intended to cater for all sleepers-from back to stomach and without leaving the side sleepers out. It is the most popular design of Amerislpeep mattresses with a medium feel of firmness on it. Its formulation method helps provide unique spine and back support.


  1. Independence Amerisleep mattress: with a thickness of 14 inches, this Amerisleep version helps meet the needs of all sleepers. Its softness combined with the activus in it aids in providing excellent body contours and hugs while also giving instantaneous response of the mattress.



  1. Colonial mattress: this is the Amerisleep best version. It is created from the revised STM and Bio-Pur+ foams. Its construction involves the most recent mattress creation technology which gives it the ability to provide great body contours, support and hugs for your spine and back. It is rated as the second soft mattress of this company.


  1. Americana mattress: this is Amerisleeps version of its kind. Its design takes care of both the back and stomach sleepers. Its medium firmness level helps relieve pressure while still offering traditional kind of support.


How is the Construction of each and every Amerisleep mattress done?

In this part of Amerisleep mattress review we give you a layout of the materials used in the creation of Amerisleep brands.

Layers of Amerisleep Brands

Each one of Amerisleep mattress is formulated differently. They are all made from memory foam layers and with varying firmness levels. Here is the lineup of the layers used to construct each one of Ameri sleep mattress:

  1. Liberty: this mattress has a total thickness of 12 inches. It consist of:
  • 3 inch Bio-Pur foam,
  • 2 inch transition layer and
  • 7 inch Bio-core support foam.
  1. Revere: this design has a total width of 12 inches. The layers present include:
  • 3 inch Bio-Pur foam and
  • 9 inch Bio-core support foam.
  1. Independence: the full thickness of this mattress is 14 inches. It has three layers made from:
  • 2 inches of Bio- Pur +,
  • 3 inches of Activus and
  • 9 inches of Bio-core support foam.
  1. Colonial: Its total width stands at 13 inches. Is it structured from three layers which include:
  • 2 inches of Bio-Pur +,
  • 4 inch transition layer and
  • 7 inch Bio-core support foam.


  1. Americana: has an overall thickness of 10 inches. The foam layers present include:
  • 3 inch Bio-Pur foam and
  • 7 inch Bio-core support foam.

Covers of Amerisleep mattresses

This particular section of Amerisleep mattress review highlights the materials used in the making of Amerisleep products. They are all created uniquely made to target all types of sleepers.

  1. The cover of Liberty mattress: This mattress’s cover is poly blended with a white top and tun mesh on the sides.


  1. Revere mattress cover: it has a celliant cover which is white on top and brown mesh on the sides.



  1. Independence mattress cover: this mattress cover poly blended with white material all around.


  1. Colonial mattress cover: it is a poly blended cover with a white top and grey mesh on the sides.



  1. Americana mattress cover: it has an all white celliant cover.


Pricing of Amerisleep

In this portion of Amerisleep Mattress review we provide you with the prices of the Queen Size mattress of each version of Amerisleep.

The prices of Amerisleep Queen Size mattresses are:

  • $1,099 for Americana,
  • $1,299 for Revere,
  • $1,399 for Liberty,
  • $1,599 for Colonial and
  • $1,999 for Independence


Amerisleep mattress discount

When you buy any version of Amerisleep mattress from their official selling site, you are given a discount of $50.

Pros of Amerisleep Mattress

Its large range of mattresses presents few merits which include:

  • All of its mattresses are manufactured in the US- this make the consumer feel satisfied of the materials used in their formulation.


  • They all sleep cool– the Bio- pur foams in their layers enhances coolness of the mattress.



  • They come with 20 years warranty- Amerisleep has confidence in its products hence offers the longest period warranty.


  • 90 day trial period is part of Amerisleep policy- when you purchase your Amerisleep; you are given a 90 day period of trial. During this duration you are eligible to return it back if doesn’t serve you needs.



Cons of Amerisleep Mattresses

These brands have a few draw backs such as:

  • They produce unpleasant smell- this is common to all bed in box mattresses. This smell however toppers up with time while been used.


  • Their price point is a bit high compared to other e-commerce mattresses.



  • If you don’t like the mattress within the given trial period, you are allowed to return it but at your own cost.

What type of sleepers does this Amerisleep mattress review target?

This Amerisleep mattress review is meant for sleepers who:

  • Want mattress with a great cooling surface- the Bio-pur foams in its layer, play a major role in enhancing the cooling of the mattresses.


  • Love mattresses with less motion transfer- Amerisleep mattresses conceals any movement made by one person and prevents it from extending to the other partner.



  • Want a mattress with more natural materials– most of the materials used in the making of Amerisleep mattresses are organic based. This helps improve the cooling effect of the mattresses.

Where to buy Amerisleep mattress

The only place where you can buy Amerisleep mattress is on their online official selling site.


Amerisleep is an exceptional mattress company which offers sleepers a wide range of mattresses to choose from. If you don’t believe that there is a mattress for every sleeper, you should visit Amerisleep.