Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review: Does it live to the hype or it’s just another scam

The availability and simplicity of selling mattresses online have lead to the growth of many upcoming mattress manufacturing industries joining and adding to the fast growing competition. One among these companies is Casper Mattress. This company introduced its first design 3 years ago. Since then, it has made changes to its initial design to produce a more comfortable and pressure relieving mattress which caters for the needs of many sleepers of all sleeping designs. The main reason for writing this Casper mattress review is to provide more detailed information to the customer to make the right decision. If the consumer finds this information matching their desired type of the mattress, then they can visit Casper mattress selling the official site and buy Casper Mattress for their own. Comfortable and pressure reliever– these are the two words that best describe Casper Mattress.

Do you want to buy Casper mattress online? If you want to know how to purchase Casper on the internet, then continue reading this Casper Mattress review.

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Construction

Formulation of any mattress is what defines its kind and quality. It is for this reason that the manufacturers of Casper mattress bring into the board the best and quality materials in the construction of Casper. They combine layers of poly and memory foams to come up with a mattress that enhances comfort ability and relieves pressure.

The four layers of Casper mattress

Need to purchase a four layered mattress with high quality and durable materials? Casper online selling site helps you buy Casper Mattress of your best size at affordable prices.

The layers of Casper are as follows:

  • The first Casper layer– it consists of responsive poly foam which is 1.5 inches. It aids in providing adequate bounce, comfort and cooling for the mattress.
  • The second Casper layer– it is 1.5 inches memory foam. It offers great pressure relieve and support. This layer is placed underneath the poly foam to help contain and restrict any heat that is generated by this foam from reaching the sleeper. Its density stands at 4.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot).
  • The third layer of Casper – this layer is made up of 1.5 poly foam whose major role is to provide great support to the top two layers while still helping to ease sleeper to the bottom foam. It has a density of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot.
  • The base layer– it is also constructed from 5.0 inches poly foam and plays the role of the basement support. Its density stands at 1.8 PCF.

To give you a review of the three Casper iterations, this Casper Mattress review outlines them all here for you:

  • The first design (iteration):  this offered a 9.5” thickness Casper mattress. It consisted of 1.5” latex foam, 1.5” memory foam and 6.5” support foam. It sold at $ 850 for a queen size.
  • The second iteration: it had a 9.5” thickness inclusive of 1.5” latex foam, 1.5 poly foam and 5.0” support foam. It also sold at the same price to the initial design ($ 850).


  1. The third iteration: this is the latest design and the one been supplied to the consumer today. It was launched on January 2017. Its construction incorporates 1.5” responsive poly foam, 1.5” memory foam and 7.0” support foam. The prices of the current mattress design sells at $ 950 for a queen bed in the box. 

Casper Mattress Designs

The Cover of Casper Mattress

This Casper mattress review also unveils the design and the type of the fabric used in the creation of Casper Mattress’s cover.

The manufacturers of Casper mattress settles on a plain white material which covers the top most part of the mattress. This material is thin and quite stretchy to allow free flow of sufficient air into the mattress for cooling enhancement. The fabric which creates Casper cover comes from the US and Belgium (border material).

Support, feel and firmness of the Casper mattress

This bed in a box provides exceptional support for sleepers with different sleeping positions like:

  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers and
  • Stomach sleepers

The presence of poly and memory foams in Casper helps bring out the soft and tender feel. The Casper mattress rates at 6 out of 10 in the firmness scale.

If you are looking for a mattress that will offer you great comfort and support, then give Casper a trial. Visit their official selling site and purchase Casper mattress at low costs with free shipping.

Casper Mattress Comfortable


Casper Mattress Discounts

When you buy Casper Mattress online today, you get a $ 50 price cut with express delivery which is free to your resident. You also get 100-night free trial- if within this trial period you feel that Casper mattress doesn’t satisfy your needs, then you can call their customer care representatives to arrange for collection of the mattress and you get your full refund.

Casper Mattress Discounts

Casper Sinkage

This aspect of Casper mattress is determined by how light or heavy the sleeper is. If you weigh less, then your chances of floating on Casper are very high. In this case, you will not be able to experience the hug that the mattress offers to the sleepers. Alternatively, if you fall under the category of medium weight sleepers, you have a better chance of enjoying all the benefits that Casper provides. For excessively heavy weight sleepers, they don’t get the comfort from the foam layers of Casper- this is because they stretch the mattress beyond its maximum limit.


Casper Mattress Prices

When constructing their prices, Casper manufacturers consider the sizes of the mattress since they are ‘one size fits all’ mattresses. Their prices range from $550 for a twin size, $600 for a twin XL, $800 for a full size, $950 for a queen, $1150 for a king and $1150 for a California king size Casper mattress.

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Casper Mattress Pros

This mattress offers a lot of benefits to its customers which include:

  • They are made in the United States– this assures sleepers of attaining the best quality mattresses.
  • They are shipped directly to the sleepers– this way the consumers are able to save their money which could have later gone to middlemen if sold in general stores.
  • They come with a 100-night money back guarantee– the manufacturers of Casper have great trust in their product hence gives you a trial period of 100 nights before you get to purchase the mattress. If within this period of testing you feel you don’t like the mattress, then you can return it free of charge.
  • They participate in giving back to the public– most of the returned mattresses are donated to the people who are less fortunate. They organize on how the product gets to the charitable groups.
  • They are easily accessible– it is easy and quick to purchase online-you only need to browse the selling site and then make an order which takes a period of 2-7 working days.
  • They also provide limited 10 years warranty– the manufacturers of this mattress give you up 10 years function ability of the Casper.
  • They are sold at fair prices– with the price of queen size been $950- they are far much cheaper than the competitor mattresses whose prices are a lot higher.

Casper Mattress Cons

  • They are one size fits all- the lack of variety of Casper mattress designs, leaves the customer with no options to choose from.
  • They produce unpleasant smell- when first unwrapped from its packaging, Casper mattress starts off gassing.

Which consumers does Casper Mattress Review target?

The information in this review helps you make well thought out decision by learning more about our trendy online selling Casper mattress. You will like this product if:

  • You are a back and stomach sleepers-Casper mattress firmness falls above average on the firmness scale. This allows sleepers to enjoy the hug and comfort offered by this product.
  • You are a medium weight side sleepers-if your weight falls in the light weight sleepers group or too heavy sleeper’s category, then you are not likely going to enjoy the comfort ability, support and pressure relieving from this mattress. Casper mattress is designed to cater for the medium weight sleepers.
  • You are value seekers- Casper is formulated to offer great value and durability. By purchasing this bed in a box online you entitle yourself to save a lot more money than when buying it from the local stores.
  • You need some bounce in your mattress- Casper offers great bounce for medium sleepers.
  • You want a good resilient mattress–  Casper contains motions produced by sleepers while turning in one fixed area hence avoids disturbances to the other sleeper. It is highly recommended for couples.


Casper Shipping

When you purchase Casper online, the company owners offer you after sale services by shipping your package right to your door step. The shipping process takes between 2-7 working days to reach your destination. It comes compressed in a box for easy movements around the house.

Casper Mattress Shipping


How to care for Casper?

The best way to cater for Casper is by avoiding spillages on it. This is prevented by the use of water proof mattress cover on the mattress. If spillage happens accidentally, you should spot clean the mattress with gentle detergent as quickly as possible. It is also wise to turn your mattress twice a year to avoid excessive sagging on one side of the mattress.



Casper is one of the best online selling mattresses. It is designed to satisfy most of the sleepers needs. It offers great support, comfort, and pressure relieving to the sleepers. It also provides some bounce and hug due to its firmness level of 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. If you are looking for a mattress which will not sleep hot, give this Casper mattress review some credit by purchasing one of your own. You can also have a glance at top best mattress review.