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Cocoon Mattress Review: Sealy’s Cocoon Mattress is one among a few online selling mattresses produced by well known and established companies. In its case, Cocoon is manufactured by Sealy. With the aim of the satisfying majority of sleepers needs, Sealy created two options with different firmness levels- soft cocoon and firm cocoon. They also included two varying covers- classic cocoon cover and chill cocoon cover. In this cocoon mattress review, we provide you with detailed information regarding both of cocoon mattress by Sealy features.

Note: The mattresses resemble each other but have different feels.

 Cocoon Mattress Review

Construction of Cocoon Mattress

In this part of Cocoon mattress review, we discuss both of cocoon mattress designs- soft and firm cocoon mattresses.

Cover and the layers are the main areas covered in this cocoon mattress review. There are two cover models which are designed to meet the needs of many sleepers. Both covers have a basic color theme of white and blue with a diamond pattern included on the white fabric.

  • The Soft Cocoon Mattress cover

This cocoon version carries with it a regular cover. It is referred to as Classic cover and is made from the blend of cotton and polyester. These materials give the cover a stretchy and soft feel. Being a just a normal cover on top of memory foam layer, it has high chances of sleeping hot since the foam layer tend to absorb and keep heat. On the other hand:


  • The Chill Cocoon Mattress Cover

has a slight difference in its formulation. It consists of a phase change materials which helps with the cooling of the mattress sleeping surface. It is also constructed from the same fabrics as the classic version- this gives it a stretchy, breathable and soft feel. The phase change material included in this cover provides a cool sleeping surface when first laid at for approximately 30 minutes before adjusting to your body temperature depending on temperature level set on the phase change material.


The Layers of Cocoon Mattress by Sealy

This is another area which is crucial in the building of cocoon mattresses. The cocoon manufacturing team came up with two different mattress designs which come with different layer construction to give them varying feels.

  • Soft Cocoon Mattress Layers

This version has three layers and a thickness of 10 inches.

  • The upper layer: this layer is made from 2-inch memory foam. It is created to provide comfort and relief pressure for the sleeper.
  • The middle layer: it is 2-inch transitional poly foam layer which is intended to act as the transitional layer between the top and the bottom layer. It also provides support for the sleeper.
  • The bottom layer: this is a 6-inch layer constructed from base foam. Its main function is to provide the foundational base for the mattress. It also gives the sleeper a little bit of compression.


  • Firm cocoon mattress layer

The layers of this mattress design are two and are formulated to offer support and comfort for the sleepers. They add up to the height of 10 inches.

  • The upper layer: this layer of cocoon mattress by Sealy is made of 2-inch memory foam. It functions the same as the soft design of cocoon-it provides comfort and relieves pressure for the sleeper. The use of the thin foam layer is aimed at giving the mattress a firmer feel.
  • The bottom layer: it is created from 8 inch base foam. It plays the role of foundational base for the mattress. In addition the layer supports the sleeper very well when sleeping.


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Firmness, Support, Comfort, and Feel of Cocoon Mattress

This is the section of cocoon mattress review where we list down the behaviors of cocoon mattress when it is subjected to pressure.

Firmness-cocoon mattress by Sealy has comes with two firmness levels. There is soft cocoon which stands at 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and the firm cocoon which lands at 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Support- for soft cocoon, support to the sleeper is spectacular. You are able to sleep using all sleeping positions comfortably while for the firm version –it’s like it lacks the capability to support the sleeper while still offering the 8.5 level of firmness. Leaving out the transitional layer and using thin memory foam layer was not a good idea for them. If had put a more supportive layer in between the top and the bottom layer would have improved the feel of hitting the surface for the heavyweight sleepers.

Comfort- both of the versions provides medium comfort for the sleepers with the soft design appearing to be better. This will work best for the light sleepers, for the heavier sleepers comfort offer somehow lacks due to the use of thin layers.

Feel – both the soft and the firm cocoon mattresses offer great pressure relief for the light sleepers.

Cooling- the mattress functions better in this department but only with the option of going with the chill mattress cover which has phase change material. The basic cover has a tendency of sleeping hot due to the presence of memory foam layer within the mattress. The cooling phase goes for $150 extra which is a good option for sleepers who like enjoying a cool sleeping surface.

Motion transfer and bounce– these two features go hand in hand, if there is a high level of bounce then it means that there will the high rate of motion transfer and vice versa. For cocoon mattress, it offers a low level of bounce which translates to low motion transfer rate.

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Sinkage Rate for Sealy’s Cocoon Mattress

This feature is largely determined by the weight of the sleeper. If you are a lightweight sleeper, you will experience fewer hugs and contours from the mattress which is directly opposite feel for the heavyweight sleepers. For this mattress, however, heavier consumers may not get the opportunity to experiences the sinkage benefits of cocoon firm mattress to reasons associated with low level of thickness in the mattresses.


Pricing of Sealyis Cocoon Mattress

In many instances, most of the online selling mattress companies construct their prices based on the size of the mattress. This was not an exemption for cocoon mattress; they created their prices following the norm within their industry as shown below.

Cocoon mattress -with a basic cover.

They range from:

  • $399 for a twin size,
  • $449 for a twin XL size,
  • $649 for a full size,
  • $799 for a Queen size,
  • $999 for a king size and
  • $999 for a California king size mattress


Cocoon mattress – with a chill cover

Mattress prices vary from:

  • $549 for a twin size,
  • $599 for a twin XL size,
  • $799 for a full size,
  • $949 for a Queen size,
  • $1,149 for a king size and
  • $1,149 for a California king size mattress.


Sealy’s Cocoon Mattress Discounts

Sealy provides the best prices for its mattresses. In addition, it offers you an extra $100 price cut when you purchase online.

Pros of Cocoon Mattress

Cocoon versions present a large number of benefits enjoyed by consumers who choose them as their sleep partner. These advantages include:

  • Their mattresses are formulated and created in the United States of America– this fact gives the consumers the assurance of purchasing only the best quality mattresses.
  • The company offers free and direct shipping to the consumers- this allows them to offer reduced prices to their customers since the middlemen costs are no longer there.
  • The mattress comes while compressed in a box- this makes it easy for you to move the mattress all around your house.
  • The shipping process is very quick- you only get to wait for your package for at most 7 days. The orders are delivered before the seventh day after making your purchase.
  • The mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years. This assures consumers of great support from the company just in case the mattress presents some hickups.
  • Along the mattress comes the 100 night’s trial- you are given 100 hustle free night trails during which you can return the mattress to the company if you find it not fit for your needs.


Cons of Sealy’s Cocoon Mattress

Sealy made cocoon mattress has only one drawback which is widely known to buyers:

The mattress produces a very high level of unpleasant smell- it takes up to a month for the smell to taper out. This however not old for a memory foam made the mattress. Most of the memory foam mattresses shipped in a box tend to release gases which come out inform of smells.


Who are the sleepers that this cocoon Mattress Review targets?

This review is created with an intention of attracting sleepers who:

  • Are looking for a mattress with either a soft or firm feel-cocoon offers both of the feel with the soft cocoon mattress landing at 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale and the firm cocoon mattress standing at 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
  • Want a mattress with the option of alternating the sleeping surface temperatures- cocoon offers you a phase change material cover which goes at $150 more. With this cover, you can adjust your sleeping surface temperature to suit your preference.
  • Want to purchase from a company that is well established- cocoon by Sealy started functioning in 1881.
  • Need a memory foam feel- Cocoon mattress is an all memory foam mattress with a few added features to improve the consumer’s experience with the mattress.


Where to Buy Cocoon Mattress

The legal place to buy cocoon mattress is online at their official selling site


Conclusion of Cocoon Mattress Review

Cocoon Mattress by Sealy is an online-only mattress company which has to be in the market for the longest period. It produces mattress covers with phase change options where you opt to sleep cool of fairly warm. Its price point is another part that puts it a step closer to consumers’ preferences- many sleepers will prefer to buy a mattress that offers a great price. If looking for a mattress company that offers different firmness feels, Cocoon is the place to check.