eLuxurySupply Mattress Review

eLuxurySupply Mattress Review

Eluxurysupply is one among many e-commerce mattress companies. The uniqueness in it comes with their decision of keeping off all the bells and whistles which lenders the price of many online selling mattresses unaffordable. They choose to concentrate their attention on the formulation and the creation of the mattress lather than focusing on other extra features which makes the price go high.  In this Eluxurysupply mattress review, we base our information on the materials and the formula used in the construction of this exceptional mattress.

Despite their move of keeping all frills at bay, the manufacturers of eluxurysupply mattress work very hard to make sure they take care of all the sleepers needs with different sleeping positions. Creating the mattress and giving it a medium firmness feel attracts the attention of many sleepers. Their price point is also another aspect that pulls many consumers to their company. If your buying preferences are based on the price and quality of the materials used to make a mattress, eluxurysupply mattress is the best match for you. Their down to earth prices is hard to beat and do not compromise the quality of the mattress. It is headed by very principled personnel who believe in equality for all of their brands. It is as a result of this, that eluxurysupply is able to keep up the completion from its competitors.

The construction of the EluxurySupply mattress

Construction materials are key for every mattress, a well-constructed mattress will translate to more sales while a little mess in the construction of a mattress would mean little to no sales of the mattress. Bearing this in mind helps the construction team in eluxurysupply take care of every detail in their work of making their mattresses. They bring out exceptional mattresses with great quality though without many features associated with its luxury name. They try as much as possible to cut out all aspects which could raise the price of the mattress from the cover fabric to the layer constitution of the mattress.


The Cover of Eluxurysupply mattress

As it is the mission of the eluxurysupply manufacturers to create quality brands at affordable prices, they settled for simple and straight forward mattress cover. The cover consists of two color schemes, the white fabric on the topmost part and the gray on the side panels.

To enhance more cooling of the mattress, the white material on the top is created from a mixture of polyester 80% and spandex 20%.  The fabric is also lean and soft which is an added advantage to the enhancement of comfortability and cooling of the mattress.

The side panels of eluxurysupply mattress is extracted from 100% polyester which assures the longevity of the mattress while in use since it aids in the protection of the foam layers when the mattress is moved from one point to the other.

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The layers of Eluxurysupply Mattress

The materials used in the creation of the layers of eluxurysupply mattress are keenly chosen to ensure that every sleeper’s needs are met. They decided to come up with a two layer mattress which is constructed from high-quality foams:

  1. The top layer: this layer is made from 3-inch gel infused memory foam. The use of this foam is aimed at providing comfort, support, relieve pressure and enhance the cooling of the mattress. The main role of the gel infused into the foam is to pull away heat from the sleeping surface to give the sleeper a cooler sleep all night long. It has a density of 3lbs.
  2. The bottom layer: this is a 7 inch layer which is created from high-density support foam. It has a density of 1.8lb. Its inclusiveness in the construction of this mattress is intended to provide in-depth compression support while still acting as the foundational layer of the eluxurysupply mattress.

Are looking for a mattress that packs a lot of sleeping benefits and still remain the lowest priced mattress? The Eluxurysupply mattress is your best choice. To buy eluxurysupply mattress, visit their official online selling site and make your order now.

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Firmness, support, and feel of the Eluxurysupply mattress.

This section of Eluxurysupply mattress review helps you get information which can help you make informed purchase decision. It is focused on providing functional facts about this mattress. It contains the highlights of how the mattress behaves when weight is put on it.

On the firmness aspect, it stands at 6-6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This makes it a medium feel mattress which is one of the preferences that many sleepers look for.

The use of high-density support foam on the lower layer helps increase the deep compression support to the sleeper.

In addition, the mattress offers very little sinkage level to the sleeper. This is very helpful to the consumer since it enables effective alignment of spine hence reducing the spinal pain which is associated with an improper arrangement of the spinal cord.

The low sinkage rate goes hand in hand with the little bounce rate that the consumer experience from the mattress. Since the mattress doesn’t provide large sinkage rates, there are fewer situations where the mattress is required to provide immediate pushback effect.

Motion isolation is another area where the eluxurysupply mattress performs better. It contains the movement caused to the mattress and protects it from circulating to other areas of the mattress.

The overall performance of this mattress is fantastic. It tends to fulfill many of the sleepers preferences. The only missing bit is the whistles and the bells which add the luxurious feel and look to the mattress.  The decision to leave out the expensive extras was to maintain a low price which can be afforded by every sleeper.


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The pricing of Eluxurysupply mattress

Being one of the companies that sell beds in boxes online, eluxurysupply constructs its mattress prices based on the size of the mattress as listed below:

  • $490 for a twin size mattress,
  • $505 for a Twin XL size,
  • $605 for a full-size,
  • $680 for a Queen size,
  • $780 for a king size and
  • $800 for a California King Size mattress.


Eluxurysupply mattress Discounts

This company offers their consumers the best price in the market. They also go an extra step further of providing price cuts to sleepers which starts from 20% of the total price of the mattress.


Pros of Eluxurysupply Mattress

This mattress offers a large range of benefits to consumers who purchase it such as:

  • The company provides you with free and express shipping of your mattress once the processing is through- this whole process takes about 2 to 7 business days to be completed which is a bit quicker compared to some other e-commerce mattress companies.
  • They ship your mattress while compressed in a box- this enables easy moving of the mattress to your bedroom.
  • This mattress is created in the United States- the fact that construction of this mattress takes place in the US assures consumers of the best quality.
  • This bed comes with a hustle free trial period of 120 nights- during this time, you are entitled to the rights of returning back the mattress if doesn’t meet your needs and you get a full refund.
  • The brand is also accompanied by 10-year warranty– this assures sleepers of support and helps regarding the mattress for 10 years after the purchase of Eluxurysupply mattress.
  • The owners provide donations to many charity Organizations– toys for tots and Salvation Army are among the groups that benefit from the donations from Eluxurysupply mattress.
  • Each and every order made online receive a handwritten thank you note from the team in Eluxurysupply.


Cons of Eluxurysupply mattress

There are a few drawbacks that are associated with the mattress. This includes:

  • The mattress emits an unpleasant smell when unwrapped from the package- this is the norm of every bed in a box. Since they are compressed in a box while being shipped, there isn’t any passage of the air in and out of the mattress which creates that unwanted smell. This smell, however, goes away with time as the mattress continues to be used.
  • The company produces only one kind of a mattress to satisfy the needs of all customers- this act makes many sleepers who would love different designs but from this industry.


Who are the sleepers that this Eluxurysupply mattress review target?

This Eluxurysupply mattress review targets sleepers who:

  • Love a medium firmness feel from their mattresses- landing at 6 to 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, gives this mattress a unique feel which many sleepers enjoy.
  • Want great price for exceptional value- the price point of this mattress attracts many consumers who buys based on the quality of the mattress but not the extras added on it.
  • Enjoy little hugs and sinkage- this mattress is designed to offer minimum sinkage and hug rate to the sleepers. If you want a mattress that provides deep sinkage levels, then this isn’t the option for you.
  • Want to purchase from a company that gives back to the communities- Eluxurysupply contributes to the well about of less fortunate groups.


Where to buy Eluxurysupply mattress

The only legal place where you can buy the genuine Eluxurysupply mattress is on the official online selling site eluxurysupply.com.



Eluxurysupply is one of extra ordinary e-commerce mattress companies. It offers a price point which is hard to be beaten by many of its competitors. The discounts and the free services are added advantages which help it pull customers to purchase from them. Their products are created from high quality materials. If you are in search of a simple and sstraight forward mattress, eluxurysupply is the place to focus your search.