Endy Mattress Review

Endy Mattress Review: Endy mattress is one of the first Canadian made bed-in –a- box selling on the internet. The owners started by initially launching it to the Canadian residents and have now expanded to the United States of America. It is a startup company which is thriving to keep up the pace of the already well established online selling mattress companies. It is a great deal for both the Canadians and the Americans for they get the mattress at much reduced prices. The main aim of writing this Endy mattress review is to familiarize the consumer of yet another online selling mattresses alternative. If you find this information helpful to you, visit their official selling site and buy Endy mattress for yourself. In addition to the manufacturers selling this product at a low price point, they also provide free and express shipping to consumer’s place of choice. A 100 night’s trial period is an added advantage to the sleepers. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty to assure the customer of its longevity in service. Endy mattress is designed in a manner that suits the needs of majority sleepers. With its layers of foams, endy mattress provides a cool and supportive sleep.

Endy Mattress Reviews

Do you want to discover more about endy mattress? Continue reading this Endy mattress review. There is a lot to capture from it.


The construction of Endy Mattress

Construction of any mattress is what matters most. If you make the right decisions from the start, then you have high chances of coming up with an exciting end product. Alternatively, if you mess up along your initial stages, your chances of coming up with just an okay end result is still high. For endy mattress manufacturers, they must have had a deep thought about the materials they were to use to come up with such a wonderful mattress. Their decision to settle for an all foam layers was excellent for they kept almost every sleeper into consideration.


The layers of Endy mattress

The full total of endy mattress thickness is 10 inches extracted from different foam layers and merged together to bring out an exceptional mattress.

  1. The top layer: this is a 2 inch layer of gel infused memory foam. It has a density of 3 lb. it plays a major role in providing comfort ability and the nice feel for the mattress. The gel in it aids in absorbing and dispersing heat from the top surface of the mattress to enable the sleeper to have a nice night sleep.
  2. Middle layer: this is a 3 inch layer of foam. It has a density of 1.8 lb and it acts as the transitional layer between the base and the top layer.
  3. Bottom layer: it is 5 inch high density support foam. Its density stands at 1.8 lb. It plays the role of foundational and base for the mattress. It also provides deep compression support as well as breathability of the mattress. Preventing the mattress from bottoming is also part of its functions.

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The Cover of Endy Mattress

The cover of endy mattress is made in Toronto, Canada and consists of hypoallergenic quilted polyester material on the top while the side panels are grey in color. The topmost part of the cover is fairly stretchy, quite thick and has a soft feel on it. The main purpose of using a stretchy fabric at the top is to prevent the mattress from the tears and wears during the movements and also to allow free flow of the air into the mattress for a cool surface. In addition, the mattress also has a zipper which allows easy removals for spot cleaning.

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The comfort ability, firmness and support of endy mattress

These three characteristics of a mattress are determined by the way a mattress is constructed. If the mattress is more firm than average, then its comfort ability goes slightly down while supportive nature goes up. To produce a mattress that will fit the needs of many sleepers with different sleeping positions; you have to balance these three equations.

For endy mattress team, they decided to construct a product which stands at 6- 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). This makes their mattress slightly firmer than average which is a bother to many sleepers. Most consumers prefer to have a mattress that offers medium feel of firmness. Aside from being a challenge to many sleepers who prefer mid firmness level, it is hype for consumers who want a firmer mattress.

Regarding the firmness of this mattress, there are mixed feelings which either favors the sleeper or puts them at bay. In the case where the sleeper is less than 150 pounds, it is more likely that the sleeper will float on the mattress hence won’t enjoy the comfort and contours provided by the mattress. On the other side, if the sleeper weighs more than 200 pounds, he is more likely going to experience the benefits offered by the mattress.

Since the mattress is above average on firmness level, there is an increased support while comfort ability goes slightly down.

Sinkage rate of Endy mattress

This part of Endy mattress review talks of how this product behaves when weight is exerted on it.

As it has being with many mattresses the more weight you exert on a mattress the more the sinkage rate. In the case of Endy mattress, it stands at 6- 7.5 on the firmness level which means that the mattress will not have a large margin in its sinkage when weight is put on it. The high level in its firmness holds back on weight hence no much sinkage occurs.

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Motion Transfer in Endy

Like many other foam mattresses Endy performs well in containing motion in one place. It prevents movements which could disturb a partner while sleeping.


Pricing of Endy

When constructing their prices most companies selling mattresses online considers the sizes of their mattresses. This is because in many cases they use only one design for all mattresses. The prices of Endy mattresses range from:

  • $ 650 for a twin size
  • $ 700 for a full size
  • $ 750 for a queen size
  • $ 850 for a king size mattress

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Endy Mattress Discount

Endy mattress manufacturers offer the best prices to their consumers. They also provide price cuts of $ 50 on any mattress purchased on their online site. To top it up they offer free and express delivery to consumer’s place of choice. A 100 night’s trial accompanies the mattress where within those 100 nights if you are not satisfied with the product, you could return it back to the manufacturer for your full refund. A warranty of 10 years is also part of endy mattress policy. This assures the customers of the long life span of the mattress.


The shipping Process of the Endy mattress

Endy mattress is a brand made in Canada. They provide free shipping to both the residents in Canada and also those in the United States. This process takes about 3 to 7 business days to deliver your package which comes compressed in a box for easy movements within your house.

Endy mattress Pros

  • They are made in Canada– this assures customers of the best quality of the product.
  • It is shipped directly from the factory– this helps cut out the costs incurred when the mattress is sold through middle men.
  • They sell their mattress at the lowest price point- the manufacturers of Endy mattress offers the best prices to their consumers compared to other factories selling their products on the same platform.
  • They do not sleep hot- the present of the infused gel in the comfort foam enhances the cooling of the mattress top surface.
  • Comes with a 100 night’s trial period- during this period, you can test the mattress and if you don’t feel satisfied with it; you can contact the customer care representative to arrange for a return. When the mattress is successfully returned you get your full refund back.
  • The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty- the Endy team have trust in their product hence gives a 10-year warranty in case of any mattress malfunction.
  • Offers a discount to their consumers– when you buy endy mattress online, you get a discount of $ 50 price cut.

Endy mattress Cons

  • The mattress produces unpleasant odor- as in the case of many beds-in- a-box mattress, endy mattress also remits some smelly gas which toppers up with time.
  • They come in only one design- the production of only type of mattress for all sizes, limits the consumers who want a different design but of the same mattress.
  • The shipping process takes quite a long time- after making an order; it takes 3-7 days for your package to reach you.

Where to buy Endy mattress

Endy mattress is only sold online on their official selling website. This helps curb scam from other unauthorized selling agents who claim to be part of Endy Mattress Company.



Endy mattress is one of the online selling mattresses which are manufactured out of the U S. It is formulated and made in Canada. It has done quite well compared to other upcoming online mattress companies. It is now expanding to the U S where they offer free delivery to the consumers. If you live in Canada, make well use of the information contained in this Endy mattress review and purchase the best mattress online near you.