Ghost Mattress Review

Ghost Mattress Review: Ghost bed mattress is one among a few online selling mattresses which offer customers a price point which is relatively low then all other beds In a box mattresses. Like almost all the other mattresses selling on the internet, it has only one design with different sizes to offer to customers. It also has unique features which make it stand out from the other mattresses. Being a nature’s sleep product it is designed to serve the needs of almost all sleepers worldwide from:

  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

This particular ghost mattress review focuses on providing helpful information regarding the most sold bed on the internet. If you are in the search of a mattress which offers all in one piece and of great value, buy ghost bed mattress and enjoy the benefits that it carries. It is the US made mattress hence assures the customers of quality and safety of using it. It’s direct and free shipping from the factory to the customer’s resident helps minimize the middle men costs that are passed to the consumers. The team in ghost bed factory ensures that your process of acquiring your desired mattress is smooth by allowing you choose an option of either paying in installments of up to 12 months or alternatively settling your costs at once.

ghost bed mattress review


The Construction of Ghost Bed Mattress

In the formulation of every mattress, the arts men focus on two major aspects, the materials to be used in the making of the mattress and the fabric used to construct its cover. In this ghost mattress review, we clearly outline the materials used to make this mattress a success and why it is the choice of many sleepers.

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The Ghost Bed Mattress Layers

The layers of this bed in a box are constructed from the memory and latex foams and designed in a manner that will fulfill the needs of the majority sleepers. There is a slight increment in the size of the comfort foam which helps improve the feel of deep contours and support for the sleepers.

ghost bed mattress layers

  1. The top layer: this is an essential layer of the ghost bed mattress. It is held accountable for the provision of comfort, cooling and pressure relieving of the mattress for sleepers to have enjoyable night sleeps. It is a 1.5-inch layer constructed from aerated latex foam.
  2. The middle layer: this is a 2.0-inch layer extracted from gel memory foam. Its main purpose is to provide deep compression support and relieve pressure to enhance better customer experience. It is placed below the top layer because it takes quite a while to respond to weight exerted over it. When you lay on it, your first feel will be firmer close to that of 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, after a few minutes while still laying on it the softness of the mattress changes to a medium level of 6.5 out of 10. This is the feeling that many sleepers enjoy having while sleeping on their beds.
  3. The bottom layer: this layer of ghost bed mattress acts as the foundation of the mattress and provides support to the two layers placed on top of it. It is a 7.5-inch layer constructed from high-density support foam.

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The Cover of the Ghost Bed Mattress

The cover of the mattress is the first thing that sleepers see if the cover is dull or of low quality then the chances of a sleeper going for it are minimal, alternatively if you invest a little bit on the cover of your mattress you are highly likely to achieve more sales. For consumers it all starts from the outside, they believe that; what is seen outside in what is contained inside the mattress. In the case of ghost bed mattress, the owners had a perfect blend of white and gray-even though it is slowly becoming a common theme to many online selling mattresses. The material used to make the topmost part of the ghost bed mattress cover is 100% polyester. Stretchy and plush are the two words to describe the material at the topmost part of the mattress. The stretchy aspect on the cover allows the fresh air into the mattress freely to facilitate immediate cooling of the mattress. This helps the sleeper have a nice night sleep without sleeping hot.

The mattress also has side panel which is a combination of 51% of polyester and 49% of polypropylene. This blend gives the side panel a more firm feel which protects the mattress when carrying it around to your bed room.

In addition, the cover of the mattress has a zipper on the bottom side of the mattress which allows easy separation of the mattress from the cover for quick spot cleaning.

Support, feel and the firmness of ghost bed mattress

These three features in a mattress go hand in hand. For a company to create a super nice mattress, they constitute proper formula ratios which bring out well-balanced mattresses that cover the needs of many consumers.

The team from ghost Bed Company settled for a slightly firmer mattress which stands at 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The use of memory and latex foams in the creation of the mattress helps balance comfort ability, support and the way the mattress responds to weight put on it.  Latex foam is put at the top layer of the mattress due to its immediate responsiveness to keeping heat away, while the gel memory foam is placed in between the top and the bottom layer to help conceal any heat generated and prevent it from reaching the sleeper at the top layer. This results to a cool mattress which has a soft feel and does not sleep hot when the sleeper is sleeping on it.

The overall support of the mattress is slightly above average on all sleeping and sitting positions hence the best choice for all sleepers who include:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Side sleepers

If you desire to have a mattress which supports you well while sleeping and sitting, buy ghost bed mattress from their official selling page at a price cut of $ 50.

Ghost Bed Mattress sinkage rate

As it has been with all mattresses, the rate of mattress sinkage depends on how heavy or light the sleeper is. It is also dependable on the positions at which the weight is exerted. The sinkage level of a ghost bed mattress is high when the sleeper is sited on the bed than when the sleeper is sleeping.

Want to learn more about ghost bed sinkage? Visit their online site and read more ghost mattress review.


The pricing formula for ghost bed mattresses

Pricing of these mattresses varies depending on the size of the mattress since they are all built using the same design. The price ranges from $495 for a twin, $650 for a twin XL, $775 for a full size, $795 for a queen, $975 for a king and $995 for a California king size ghost bed.

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Ghost Mattress Discount

The manufacturers of ghost bed mattress offer their customers the best prices ever. To top it up they provide them with price cuts of $ 50 for every mattress purchased on the internet. They also offer free and express delivery to customer’s place of choice. For customers who are financially stretched they allow a 12 installments payment.


Ghost Mattress Shipping

Need a mattress that you can test before purchasing? Continue reading this ghost mattress review to find out which. The process of shipping is very quick with ghost Bed Company. They pack your package within 24 hours ready for shipping to your residential area. The mattress comes compressed in a box for easy movements in the house. When it gets to your house, you are given 101 nights to test the mattress. Within this period, if you feel that the mattress doesn’t meet your needs; you have right to contact ghost bed customer service representatives to arrange for mattress return. Since the process of getting the mattress back to their company is expensive and tedious, they advise that you donate the mattress to a nearby charity and send them a receipt as proof and they will refund you the full amount. In addition, they also provide you with a 20-year limited warranty.


Which types of sleepers do ghost mattress review target?

The sleepers who are likely to buy ghost mattress are those who:

  1. Want a mattress with an average firmness: ghost bed is one mattress of its kind, when you first lay on it; it feel like a 7 out of 10 bed on the firmness scale but then after laying for a while the bed increases its softness and reduces its firmness level to 6.5 out of 10 which is the average feel that many sleepers enjoy.
  2. Like mattresses with immediate response on the top layer: the blend between latex and memory foams creates the best bed for sleepers. The latex foam on the top layer with a stretchy cover allows free flow of fresh air into the mattress to enhance coolness, bounce, comfort and instant response. The middle layer of memory foam provides perfect support and pressure relief.
  3. Want a mattress that does not sleep hot: the latex foam used in the construction of ghost bed mattress aid in letting the air in for easy cooling of the mattress.
  4. Want a mattress that has a long period of trial and warranty: ghost bed offers every consumer a period of 101 nights for mattress testing with a 20-year limited warranty.


Where to Buy Ghost Mattress

The only legal place where you can purchase your ghost bed is at their online selling site


Ghost Mattress Review Conclusion:

Ghost bed is a unique bed- in –box mattress which meets the needs of majority sleepers. It firmness level changes depending on how long you lay on your bed. When you first sleep on it, it feels more firm but as you continue sleeping it adapts to your body shape and it feels softer. Make good use of this ghost mattress review by purchasing one of your own.

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