Helix Mattress Review

Is customization the key determiner of the kind of a mattress you would love to have in your house? In this helix mattress review, we present you the best and upcoming custom made mattresses for every specific sleeper. They are sold online to aid in cutting the high costs which could have later been charged on consumers who buy helix mattress if they were to purchase it from their neighborhood store.  The purchasing process of helix sleep is easy and quick since you only have to log in to their official web page and take a quiz whereby you fill in a simple questionnaire based on your personal preferences such as:

  • Your body size
  • Your sleeping positions
  • The number of sleeper(s) to use that bed
  • Your design preferences.

The details you provide in that quiz helps determine the end result of your mattress which could be something of this sort.

Helix Mattress Review

The main reason for carrying out this helix mattress review is to create awareness about the existence of our new mattress on the market. We also provide the consumers with full information regarding this product from its structure to where you can buy helix mattress at a fair price.


What is Helix Sleep Mattress?

Helix sleep is the only online start-up companies which provide 100% personalized mattresses. The owners have gone an extra mile of breaking the monotony of “one size mattress fits concept” to a revolution ally custom -made helix sleep mattress.

If you feel that this is the kind of the mattress that best suit your needs, go to helixsleep.com and buy helix mattress for yourself before the offer of $ 50 toppers out.


How is the construction of Helix Mattress?

The structure of this product largely varies depending on the sleeper’s specific preferences. This howev, however, ot mean that the composition of helix sleep will also change, no; all mattresses are made using the same materials. What differs in this case is the composition ratios of the materials used to construct the intended mattress type.


Helix Mattress Sleep Layers

The layer designs of the customized mattresses automatically change based on the specification presented by the sleepers to the manufacturers.

Helix sleep mattresses consist of 4 layers which are made of:

  • Poly foam and
  • Micro coils

These two materials are well blended to produce high-quality mattresses which meet the specifications of the customers. The layers in helix mattress include:


Top Layer:

This is a two-inch layer created from poly foam lather known as dynamic foam. It is designed in a manner that brings out a similar feel as to that of the popular latex foam but without any side effects. This layer provides excellent cooling, responsiveness, and perfect bounce to enhance sleeper’s comfort ability and support.

The firmness level of the foam in this layer varies based on the desires and needs of the intended sleeper (10-30 “lLD-‘indentation load deflection’”).

lLD is used to measure the firmness of each mattress.

The normal helix sleep mattress has a weight of 30 pcf (pounds per cubic foot)


Second Layer:

It is a 4-inch micro coils layer which helps relieve pressure and provides adequate support.

The miniature coils are responsible for pressure relief, excellent bounce and adequate softness. For a single mattress micro coils adds up to 1350 a number which is suitable for improving cooling, helps in transitional support and bring out the softness feel of the helix sleep mattress. A micro coil ILD always stands at 18.


Third Layer:

This is a two-inch poly foam transitional support layer. It aids the comfort layer and the foundational layer work together while still providing deep compression support. It’s ILD varies between 20 and 26 while its density stands at 1.8pcf.


Foundational Layer (basement):

it is a 4-inch layer extracted from high-density support foam– it’s normally divided into two layers. Its main function is to provide firm base support to the comfort layers-it’s ts ILD density ranges from 26 to 33 and 1.8 pcf (layer density).

The overall take of this helix mattress review on the layers reveals that:

  • The helix sleep consists of 4 separate layers which help the manufacturer come out up with an ideal customized mattress intended for particular sleepers based on the specifications highlighted during the helix quiz.
  • The layers are extracted from both the poly foam and the pocketed mini coils- this helps maximize on the support and comfort the sleeper enjoys made to the level of her desires.

If your inner feeling is pushing you to purchase the helix mattress? Go to helixsleep.com and buy helix sleep mattress now and get a $ 50 cut from your price.


Helix Mattress Cover

The cover is the other important part that the manufacturer of helix sleep puts into considerations, though it does not contribute the formulation of the mattress; it does portray the uniqueness of helix Sleep Company.

The blend of white top soft fabric with blue side panels (100% polyester), not only brings out the sturdier and softer feel for the mattress, it also help protect helix sleep from getting dirty. In order to make the cover more appealing and presentable, the manufacturers put a subtle checkerboard pattern on the topmost piece of the material.

The thinness of this cover allows sufficient air flow into the mattress which enhances coolness while the sleeper also gets to enjoy the comfort from the mini coils and the foam.


How about Firmness, Support, and Comfort?

This is an important aspect in helix mattress review, it contains detailed information on how soft, firm and comfortable does the helix sleep. It also shed light on the amount of support the mattress offers. In the case of helix mattress the comfort ability, firmness and support varies for every single mattress depending on the likes and desires of the intended sleeper. Been a customized mattress, the sleeper gets the opportunity to acquire a mattress that better meets their needs by completing helix mattress quiz which asks for answers on questions like:

  • What size should your mattress be?
  • How many sleepers are intended to use the mattress?
  • What is your gender, weight, height and body type?
  • What are your sleeping positions?
  • What level of firmness should your mattress be?
  • Do you have any medical issues or pains?
  • To what level should your mattress cool?

After the completion of your quiz, you are able to get results based on four main pillars:

  1. Point elasticity: this helps get information on how the whole mattress is affected upon compressing one single point. This sheds light on how the helix sleeps contours and gets to your shape.
  2. Support: this answers the question of what level of support is needed in your mattress.
  3. Feel: the mattress feel is brought about by the body weight and firmness level the sleeper chooses for her mattress. The specifications determine how hard or soft the helix sleep is going to be.
  4. Temperature regulations: this answers the question ‘how cool does the mattress sleep’? Depending on your needs the manufacturer will construct a mattress that best satisfies those requirements.

All mattresses constructed by helix sleep seem to perform almost the same on:

  • The responsiveness of the mattress– most of the mattresses made here provides quick response time after pressure is inserted at a particular part.
  • Most of helix sleep offer high level of support and pressure relief– This is made possible by the use of poly foam and micro coils.
  • Well cooling performance-the presence of a thin layer cover combined with breathable foams and mini coils provide a perfect cool sleeping surface.
  • Motion transfer and bounce rates- the material used in the construction of the customized mattress plays a great role where they offer notable bouncing level. They also reduce the level of motion transfer.


What is the selling point of the Helix Sleep Mattress?

In this helix mattress review, we unveil to you what makes helix mattress unique from the other online selling products.

The coming up with the idea of offering custom made mattresses to consumers online without the intervention of middlemen was the best decision the helix sleep team made. Many sleepers browse from one page to the other in search of the mattress that would best satisfy their desires and needs.

They provide an option where you can either order for a blended or split mattress. Depending on the needs of the sleeper(s), the factory can create a blended or split mattress.

The blended option works better if there are two or more sleepers using the same customized mattress, they could decide to incorporate their major preferences to one mattress.

The split design comes with two separate mattresses personalized to cater each of the sleeper’s needs, these two halves are then merged together at the final step of construction to provide the seamless mattress with different feels on both sides. This design only applies in queen, king, and California king size mattresses.


 Helix Mattress Sinkage

Since it is a personalized mattress, the sinkage rates vary based on the sleeper’s preferences.


Helix Mattress Pricing

Are you ready to give helix a try? Go to helixsleep.com and buy helix sleep mattress at a price less $50 today.

Helix mattress places prices of their product depending on the size of the mattress. The prices range from:

  • $600 for a twin size,
  • $700 for a twin xl,
  • $850 for full,
  • $995 for queen,
  • $1195 for king and
  • $1195 for a California king size mattress.

If you are tight on funds and want to purchase a helix sleep mattress, then you can use their option of financing where they allow you to pay in bits. The mattress costs can be settled in a duration ranging from 1 month up to 12 months. 

Check Today's Price


Helix Mattress Pros

Helix sleep mattress pros include:

  • Offer a 100-night free trial– I you decided to return the mattress within the given trial period, then you are eligible to get your full amount.
  • They are an online business– the purchase of helix mattress is much less than if you bought it in general stores.
  • They are made in US – this reduces the chances of you buying the counterfeit and also cuts on the costs incurred when middle men are involved.

Helix Mattress Cons

  • The mattress has an unpleasant odor- after unpacking the mattress from its package, it produces some which is most common to many of beds- in- a- box. The smell vanishes gradually as you continue using the mattress.
  • You buy something that you don’t know how it looks like- since these mattresses are personalized, they are made on order hence doesn’t offer an opportunity for you to test the bed before purchasing it like the other online selling mattresses do.
  • Purchasing process takes quite a long time- for a normal single bed, it takes about 2-7 days for the mattress to be delivered to the consumer while for the double sided mattress. It takes 9- 12 days for the mattress to be delivered.

Where can you buy helix sleep mattress?

We believe our Helix Mattress Review gave you enough information about the mattress. The only place where helix is sold is online on their official web page helixsleep.com.


Helix Mattress Review Conclusion:

Helix mattress review above provides you with detailed information about helix sleep to help you make a well-informed decision when purchasing you mattress. The customization option makes it stand out from its competitors. The financing part also enables many sleepers to buy the product without many hustles.

Make your best decision today, visit http://www.helixsleep.com and buy helix sleep mattress today.

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