Lull Mattress Review

Lull Mattress Review

Lull Mattress is one of the newly launched online mattresses selling companies. Like many other internet selling mattresses, it offers only one designer mattress which comes in different sizes. Its mattresses are formulated to fit the needs of the majority sleepers with different sleeping positions like:

  • Back sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers and
  • Side sleepers

Lull Mattress Review


In this lull mattress review we focus on elaborating all of the aspects of lull mattress which includes details on:

  • How lull mattress is created
  • The duration taken before the mattress lands to your house
  • Where to buy lull mattress
  • The discounts offered by the lull company and many more services.


How is the Construction of Lull Mattress?

Lull mattress is created using unique techniques to enable it cater for the needs of many sleepers. It has a total width of 10 inches constituted in 3 layers of foam.

The top layer: this is a 1.5 inch layer of gel infused memory foam. Its main purpose is to provide exceptional cooling of the top most part of the mattress to enable the sleeper have an enjoyable night sleep while still relieving pressure points to offer great comfort ability to the consumer.

The middle layer: it consists of 1.5 inch of conventional foam. Its major roles  are:

  • Providing support for the body
  • Maintaining proper alignment of the spinal cord
  • To distribute the body weight of the sleeper to the whole mattress to avoid pressure points occurrence.

The blend of the first and the second layers aids in ensuring perfect support for almost all sleepers.

The bottom layer: this is a 7.0 inch layer of dense support foam. It acts as the base of the mattress by providing adequate support for two layers above it. Together, the three layers do a wonderful job of providing excellent support and comfort to the sleeper.

Do you feel like you want to give lull mattress a trial? Visit their official selling site for the details on how to buy lull mattress.


The Cover of Lull Mattress

Need a mattress with a high circulation of fresh air at the surface for a great sleep? Continue reading this lull mattress review to find out which it is.

Even though the cover is not a major attributor to the construction of the mattress, it helps give a picture of what is inside the mattress. It also allows easy breathability of the top foam layers to provide cool surface for the sleeper. It also prevents the mattress from being torn out and getting too much dirty.

In the case of Lull mattress, the owners settled for an ultra -premium material for the cover of their mattress. It is a blend of polyester which is 90% and rayon which is 10%.  It has a white fabric on the top of the bed and grey on the side panels. Both of these two fabrics are light in weight and have a high elasticity levels which aids in improving the coming in of the fresh to maintain a cool surface for customers to lie down comfortably. The side panels’ materials consist of:

  • Polypropylene which stands at 64% and
  • Polyester which lands at 36%.

These two fabrics give the panels’ excellent resiliency to wears and tears.

A zipper on the bottom side of the mattress is an added advantage. It allows easy removals of the mattresses for quick spot cleaning.


Firmness, Support and feel of Lull Mattress

All these three aspects in a mattress go hand in hand with each other. If the firmness of the mattress is high, it is able to support sleepers well, while the softness feels of the mattress toppers up. Alternatively, if the firmness of the mattress goes relatively low, there is balanced support as well as an increase in the softness level.

Lull mattress is rated at 6- 6.5 on the firmness scale. This is a slightly firm feel which will most definitely give great support, comfort ability and less feel of softness to the sleeper. This combined ratios works better for many sleepers of all sleeping positions like back, stomach and side sleepers.

Another advantage of lull mattress is that it produces minimal motion transfers which barely disturb the partners when one of them makes movements on the bed.

The response rate of this mattress is in the average level. It is able to respond to weight put on it, even though it takes some time but eventually it does provide some push back force.


Sinkage rate of Lull Mattress

Need a mattress with a balanced sinkage rate? This part of lull mattress review outlines the best choice for you.

The sinking of any mattress depends on the amount of weight exerted on it. The more the weight the high the sinkage rate and alternatively the light the weight exerted on the mattress, the less sinkage occurrences.

Since Lull Mattress is classified as a slightly firm mattress, then there will be a balanced sinkage occurrence.



Looking for a mattress with great value? Here are the fair prices offered to you, if you decide to buy lull mattress online:

  • $ 500 for a twin size,
  • $ 550 for a twin XL size,
  • $ 700 for a full size,
  • $ 800 for a queen size,
  • $ 900 for a king size and
  • $ 900 for a California King Size mattress.


The shipping process of Lull Mattress

The process of purchasing Lull Mattresses is quite easy and quick. You only have to place an order in their official selling site with:

  • Your names,
  • Your residential area and
  • The details of your credit card and
  • The size of the mattress that you would prefer to have.

When you are through with the filling of the online form, you are supposed to submit it back to them for the processing of your package. This take between 2-7 days before the package is delivered to your door step free of charge.


Lull Mattress Discounts

This company offers their clients the best prices for this product. They also go an extra mile of providing price cuts of up to $ 50 to all mattresses bought from lull. 100 nights trial is part of lull mattress policy whereby you are given enough time to test your mattress. During this period if you feel that the mattress doesn’t fulfill the intended task, then you can call their customer care representative to arrange for the return of the mattress and you get your full refund. It is the norm of the company to issue a 10 year warranty to the consumer upon purchasing the lull mattress- this helps assure the customers of the longevity of the mattress when serving you.


The Pros of Lull Mattress

The pros of lull mattress include:

  • It is manufactured in the United States of America- being a product made in U S, many consumers feels satisfied with the quality of the materials used in their making.
  • They sell their mattresses at reduced prices– since this company sells their products online, they are able to cut on the prices that the middle men packs to their pockets when the mattresses are sold through their stores.
  • They create and ship the mattress direct to your house– this reduces the chances of you getting an interchanged mattress while still aids in reducing the prices put on the customers.
  • They provide free and direct shipping- this way; they enhance nice customer experience by offering after sale services.
  • They accompany their mattress with a 100 night’s trial- they give the client an opportunity to test the mattress. During this given period you can opt to return the mattress if it doesn’t serve your needs and you get your full money back.
  • Give a warranty of 10 years- the manufacturers have trust on their products hence gives you a long warranty period. This caters for the materials imbalance and workmanship during the re-correction process.
  • They offer discounts to their clients- when you purchase a lull mattress online, you are given a $ 50 price cut.
  • They ship the mattress in a box- this allows easy movements within your bedroom.
  • They use durable fabric for the mattress cover making- this prevents the mattress from the wears and tears while moving it around.
  • They facilitate for easy returns- if you feel not satisfied with the mattress, it is their duty to ensure smooth return process of the mattress.


Cons of Lull Mattress

Lull mattress cons are:

  • They produce unpleasant smell- like it is the case with many mattresses shipped in boxes; lull emits some smelly gasses when unpacked. This smell stays for a while before disappearing.
  • They produce only one design of the mattress- lull company creates one designer mattress with different sizes. This limits customers who would want a mattress form this company but then with a different design.
  • Their mattress is slightly firmer- this keeps off the sleepers who prefer a soft or very soft feel on their mattresses.


Who does Lull Mattress Review target?

It targets those sleepers who:

  • Prefer a slightly firmer mattress- standing at 6- 6.5 on the firmness scale, lull mattress offers a feel which is more firm than average.
  • Want a cool mattress- the top layer of the mattress enhances great cooling for the sleepers.
  • Want less motion transfer- this mattress does well in curbing movements made on a particular part of the bed to prevent partner disturbances.


Where to buy Lull mattress

This product is sold online at This is their official online selling site. If you wish to give lull a try be sure to visit them.



Lull mattress is one of those beds in a box which performs better in almost all of its features. The prices are fair and offer discounts to their customers and free services as a way of extending their hand of gratitude for a great business deal. Want to put lull into trial? Use this lull mattress review for your guidance on the process involved.