Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review- sleep fairly cool for great value

Are you looking for a mattress that offers you an all-night cool sleep as you enjoy excellent comfort and support? Nectar is the right option for you. They produce and supply its mattress direct from the factory to the consumers. By so doing they are able to cut off the middlemen who make the prices go high when the mattress is otherwise sold on the stores. Nectar takes shipping costs on itself. It also offers you lifetime warranty whereby for the first five years you are entitled to fully change your mattress for free. From five years continually, you are allowed to replace your mattress but this time you cater for to and from shipping costs occurred from returning the mattress and getting back another mattress. These costs add up to $100. In this nectar mattress review we provide you with every detail regarding Nectar mattress including their coolest after sale service where they supply you an extra new mattress cover if your first cover fails to clean up when machine washed or spot cleaned.

The high –density memory foams used in the creation of nectar helps it offer exceptional features which we have discussed in details in this Nectar mattress review.


The Construction of Nectar Mattress 

Construction of all mattresses starts from the cover of the mattress to the layers used in the building of this brand.

The Cover of Nectar Mattress

In this section of nectar mattress review we give you details based on the materials used in the building of this mattress. These fabrics work well together to bring up a nice, soft, comfortable and cool sleeping surface for the mattress.

The manufacturers of nectar decided to settle for materials that offers great sleeping features to most sleepers. This included the combination of Cotton and Tencel.  Tencel is an excellent fabric which is extracted from Eucalyptus tree and known for its ability to easily allow air in and out of the mattress.

Within the cover of nectar mattress is 1 inch gel memory foam which is well quilted to offer a cool sleeping surface for the sleeper.

To make the cover more good looking, the manufacturing team used an all white fabric on the top and grey side panels. On the top of the white material is the checkered design which makes the mattress looks modern and sleek.

Along the perimeter of the cover is a lean blue trim which divides the colors to give the mattress a bold sturdier feel.

Another feature of nectar that pulls customer to their site is their issuance of an extra new mattress cover to replace the original mattress cover after its failure to clean up.


The Layers of Nectar mattress

Materials contained in the mattress layers determine the characteristics of that particular mattress. In the case of Nectar, the manufacturers decided to go with an 11 inch mattress that comprises 4 foam layers:

  • The top layer: this is a 1 inch gel memory foam layer. It is quilted to the cover of the mattress to provide comfort and the cooling of the mattress for the sleeper. The infused gel helps keep the heat away from the sleeper while the foam layer provides comfort and pressure relief. It has a density of 0PCF (Pound per Cubic foot).
  • The second layer: this layer is made of 3 inch memory foam. Its major role is to offer high level of contour and support to the sleeper. This happens when the sleeper lies on the bed and his body sinks through the top layer to experience the comfort provided by this layer. The layer carries with it a density of 3.5(PCF).
  • The third layer: this layer consists of 75 inches of memory foam. Being an additional memory foam layer helps improve the capacity of the mattress to provide comfort and support. Pressure relieving is another role played by this layer.
  • The fourth layer: this is the bottom layer of the nectar mattress. It is made of 25 inches of high density support foam. It acts as the foundational base for the whole mattress. It also plays an extra role of providing deep compression support for the sleeper. Its density stands at2.2 PCF.

Do you feel like you want to put nectar into trial? Visit their official online selling site and buy nectar mattress now at $125 price cut. You also be awarded with 2 free pillows. Note: the company is experiencing shipping delays due to the backlog orders that they have. If you don’t mind waiting for your package for some time, go on and place your order.


Firmness, support, comfort and feel of Nectar Mattress

This nectar mattress review portion gives information based on how this mattress behaves when it is subjected to pressure.

Nectar is created to bring out a medium firmness feel. It is placed at 6.0 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This feel is the choice for most sleepers. This feel combined with the price point offered by the mattress pulls customers towards their site for purchase.

Nectar being an all memory foam mattress is created with an intention of providing sharp contours and more deep hugs. The high-density memory foam in it gives it a long lifespan while still in usage.

In regards to responsiveness, the mattress offers slow response rate which can be seen as a drawback by sleepers who hate the stuck like feel.

Great support is one of the parts that nectar mattress performs best. The presence of memory foam layers within nectar helps support the sleepers well when they are sleeping.

Another characteristic of nectar is that it offers low bounce rate. This results from the fact that most of the energy exerted on the mattress by the sleeper is absorbed on the top layer of the mattress. This, however, goes hand in hand with motion transfer. Since the mattress produces extremely low bounce rate means that there will be no motion transferred from one point of the mattress to the other. This feature makes nectar the best option for couples.

In addition, nectar performs very well in the cooling sector. The gel memory foam and Tencel materials used in its making help cool the mattress sleeping surface for the sleeper to enjoy.

Want to get a bonus of two pillows and a price cut of $125 now? Pay a visit and buy nectar mattress for your own.


The sinkage rate of Nectar Mattress

The sinkage rate of every mattress depends on the weight put on it. If you are a lightweight sleeper, you will enjoy little sinkage level from the mattress. Alternatively, if you are a heavyweight sleeper you get to enjoy more sinkage level and other benefits offered by the mattress.



Pricing of Nectar Mattress

Most of the ecommerce mattress companies construct their prices depending on the size of the mattress due to their tendency of creating only one designer mattress to fit all sizes. Nectar owners also fall under this category; they formulated their prices based on the size of the mattress as listed below:

  • $500 for a twin size,
  • $550 for a twin XL size,
  • $700 for a full-size,
  • $795 for Queen size,
  • $900 for a king size and
  • $900 for a California king size mattress.


Nectar mattress discounts

This mattress offers the best price point for its consumers. It also goes an extra mile of providing a price cut of $125 for every mattress purchased online. Two free pillows and an extra new mattress cover are part of their after sale free services.


Pros of Nectar Mattress

This mattress presents a long list of benefits enjoyed by customers who choose nectar as their sleeping choice. They include:

  • The company offers free and express delivery of the mattress- when you buy nectar mattress online, you are offered free shipping to your place of choice.
  • The mattress is shipped while compressed in a box- this makes it easy to move the mattress to your bedroom.
  • The mattress is accompanied with a lifetime warranty- for the first five years; you are allowed to exchange your mattress for free. When the five years are over, you are entitled to exchanging your mattress but this time you cater for the shipping expenses which add up to $100.
  • The company offers the longest period of trial for the mattress- the mattress comes with 365 nights hassle-free trial period.
  • The mattress is created in the U S– this assures the consumers of the quality of materials used in its construction.


Nectar Mattress Cons

Nectar carries with it a few drawbacks such as:

  • It emits very strong unpleasant smell- when first unwrapped; the mattress produces smells that are not pleasing. To avoid inhaling the smell, it is advisable that you leave it widely spread for at least three days.
  • The company is currently experiencing delays in shipping- they are currently working on the backlog orders that they have. If you don’t mind waiting for your package, you can go ahead and place an order and enjoy $125 price off together with two free pillows.
  • They only make one designer mattress- this closes out the customers who prefer having an option to compare with.


Who are the sleepers that this Nectar mattress review targets?

This nectar mattress review targets sleepers who:

  • Prefer having a medium feel on their mattress- nectar is created to offer medium firm feel for the sleeper. It is placed at 6.0 on the firmness scale.
  • Want a mattress that is very supportive- the presence of 4 foam layers within nectar mattress helps provide the sleeper with great support.
  • Are looking for all memory foam mattress- nectar is an all memory foam mattress.
  • Are okay waiting for their mattress to be delivered- nectar can be a good fit for you if you are willing to wait for a longer period for your package to be delivered.
  • Want a company that offers a longer period of mattress trial- nectar gives you 365 nights to decide whether the mattress is a good fit for you.


Where to buy Nectar mattress

Nectar mattress is available for sale on their official online selling site



Nectar is an exceptional online mattress selling company that offers the lowest price point. It also gives out 2 free pillows and an extra mattress cover to sleepers who purchase nectar. A price cut of $125 is an additional discount extended to the consumer. The only red signal on this company is that the company is currently experiencing delays in shipping of your package a matter they are working out to solve.