Nest Alexander Mattress Review

Nest Beddings is one among a few e-commerce mattress companies which builds mattresses with different firmness feels. Instead of following the norm of every other online selling mattress company of constructing one mattress design that fits all sizes, Nest bedding decided to come up with three designer mattress pieces with soft, medium and firm feel. They are all hygienically created to cater for the needs of majority sleepers. For the sake of consistency in writing this Nest Alexander mattress review, we decided to focus on the medium firmness version of Alexander mattress.

For those sleepers who prefer sleeping on a mattress that offers a soft or firmer feel, Nest bedding does an excellent job of providing options which the consumers can choose from.

If your mattress of choice falls under the medium firmness category, going through this Nest Alexander mattress review will be of great importance to you. It carries with it all the important information regarding this wonderful mattress from its cover creation to layers construction materials and how it behaves when weight is exerted on it.


Construction of Nest Alexander Mattress

Construction is the major determiner of any mattress end results. If the mattress is created using low-quality materials, the mattress ends up rating low on consumer’s preference while a well thought out mattress design combined with high-quality materials get a high rate of liking by the majority of sleepers.

Construction of all mattresses starts from the fabric used in the building of its cover. For that reason here are the details based on the creation of Nest Alexander Mattress.


The Cover of Nest Alexander Mattress

The cover formulation of Alexander mattress differs depending on the firmness level that a particular version of nest Alexander mattress lands at on the firmness scale as shown below.

  1. The soft firmness feels design: the cover of this version contains 1.5 inch super soft foam which is fixed well together with the polyester and the cotton fabrics. This helps maximize on cooling of the sleeping surface of the mattress.


  1. The Medium firmness feels design: this is the most preferred mattress firmness level by many sleepers. Its cover is created using cotton and polyester materials which are padded with a 2.0 inch super soft foam layer. The role played by this foam is the same for all Alexander mattress designs, which is enhancing the cooling of the mattress.



  1. The firm feels design: the cover of this version carries the same amount of super soft foam layer as the soft firmness feel design. It is made from polyester and cotton fabric quilted with 1.5 inch super soft foam.

In addition, the cover also consists of suede and mesh side panels which add to its modern look while still providing protection to the foam layers of the mattress.

The overall building of Alexander mattress cover is excellent with the inclusion of soft foam layer. This enhances better breathability of the mattress as well as providing comfort to the sleeper.

To maintain a smooth flow in the writing of this Nest Alexander Mattress review, we choose to go with medium firmness feel version.


The layers of Nest Alexander mattress

In this part of Nest Alexander mattress review we outline the foams used in the construction of medium firm Alexander mattress version.

The medium firm design consists of 4 layers which are extracted from high-quality foams. This is done with the intention of satisfying many sleepers. The layers include:

  • The top layer: this layer of Alexander mattress consists of 4-inch gel infused memory foam. Its major role is to provide a cool and comfortable sleeping surface for the sleeper. This is made possible by its ability to absorb heat from the sleeper and dispersing it through the bottom and the sides of the mattress. This layer also plays an additional duty of providing support and relieving pressure for the Alexander mattress.
  • The second layer: this is a 1inch layer of visco foam. It is placed right below the top layer with the intention of providing exceptional responsiveness, cooling and medium bounce for the consumer. It also adds to the high levels of support and comfort offered to the consumers by the mattress.
  • The third layer: this layer is created from 2 inch transition foam. It is aimed to provide extra support for the mattress and still offers deep compression support to those sleepers who are heavy.
  • The bottom layer: this layer is created from 4 inch base foam. It plays the role of a foundational base for the Alexander mattress. It also works to improve the edge support of the mattress while still preventing the bottoming of Alexander medium firm brand.


Important note: the other two designs have slightly lower or higher levels of materials used in their formulation depending on the version of the Alexander mattress.

For the soft design-it has a top layer of 2 inch gel infused foam, 2 inch of visco foam, 3 inch transition foam and 4 inch support base foam.

The firm feel Alexander mattress version– it comprises of 2 inch gel infused memory foam, 3 inch transition foam and 6 inch support base foam.

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The Firmness, support, comfort and feel of Nest Alexander Mattress

Nest bedding in their aim to reach out to many sleepers came up with a wise decision of creating three designer mattresses with different levels of firmness. Going a step further and constructing soft and a little bit firm mattress is a great option for those sleepers who prefer either the soft feel for their mattress and those whose first priority relies on a bit firm mattress.

In our aim of maintaining proper consistency of this Nest Alexander mattress review, we decided to focus our attention on the medium firm Alexander mattress design. Being the most bought model of Alexander mattress, we found it important to provide more useful information to many more consumers who are in the search of their preferred mattress.

Alexander medium feel model lands at 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This fact puts it in a special position since most of medium firm mattresses from other e-commerce companies’ stands at around 6 to 6.5 out 10 on the firmness scale.

It offers excellent comfort which comes from the presence of 2 inch super soft foam layer fitted on the cover of the mattress. This also helps keep the mattress cool for the sleepers.

The four layers of this mattress work well together to maximize on the support and comfort the sleepers get when seated or sleeping on the mattress.

A minimum sinkage, medium body contour and slight body hugs are noted during sleeping moments. This varies based on the weight exerted on the mattress. If you are a light weight sleeper, you will note very little of the above mentioned specs which is directly opposite experience on a heavy weight sleeper.

Motion transfer is another excellent spec of medium firm Alexander mattress version. It performs very well in regard to motion transfer. It isolates the movement made on one point of a mattress and prevents it from dispersing into other parts of the mattress. This characteristic makes the best option for couples.

It soft feel version stands at 3.5 out of 10 while its firm option lands at 8.5 out of 10 on the firmness level.


The Pricing of Nest Alexander Mattress

As it is the tendency of many online selling mattress companies to base their prices on the size of the mattress, Nest bedding is not an exception. It formulates its prices depending on the size of the mattress and its version.

Here is the price list of Nest Alexander medium feel mattress version:

  • $999 for a twin size,
  • $999 for a twin XL size,
  • $1,099 for a full size,
  • $1,199 for a Queen size,
  • $1,399 for king size and
  • $1,399 for a California King Size mattress.

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Nest Alexander Mattress Discounts

Despite offering the best prices for its brands to its consumers, Nest bedding goes even further to providing its customers with high price cuts. When you buy Nest Alexander Mattress online, you get a price cut of $200. You are also entitled to free after services that they offer their consumers.


Nest Alexander Medium feel Mattress Pros

This brand present many advantages that its consumers enjoy for shopping with them. They include:

  • The mattress is created in the United States- this fact makes its consumers get satisfied with the quality of the materials used in its formulation.
  • The company offers free and direct shipping services- by so doing; the manufacturers are able to keep their selling prices down for many sleepers to afford. This is made possible by the elimination of the middle men who makes the prices to go high.
  • The mattress comes while compressed in a box- this make it easy for you to move the mattress smoothly to your bedroom.
  • The shipping process is easy and quick- it only takes about 7 days to have your package delivered to your place of choice.
  • The mattress comes with 101 night hassle free trial period- during this time; you are eligible to return the mattress back to the manufacturers if it doesn’t meet your sleeping needs and get full refund.
  • 20 year warranty is part of Nest bedding policy- when you buy Nest Alexander mattress, you get a longest period warranty.


Nest Alexander Mattress Cons

This brand has a few draw backs such as:

  • For international orders, the company does not offer the 101 night trial period as well as return refunds- when you order your mattress and resides out of U S then you should know that’s final.
  • The mattress produces unpleasant smell- like any other bed in a box mattress, Alexander mattress releases some woeful smell which later toppers out with time in usage.


Who are the sleepers that this Nest Alexander Mattress Review targets?

This Nest Alexander Mattress Review targets sleepers who:

  • Want a medium firmness feel for their mattress- Nest bedding offers 3 firmness levels for their Alexander mattress versions. The soft feel, medium firmness feel and the firm feel. The most preferred is the medium firm design and it is the one that we have largely featured in this review.
  • Want a mattress that provides exceptional pressure relief, comfort and support- Nest Alexander medium feel mattress performs well in all of these specs.
  • Sleeps with partners- its ability to isolate motion transfer makes best for couples.
  • Want a great deal– this brand is sold at very fair price which favors many of the sleepers’ pockets.
  • Want a mattress that does not sleep hot- the foam layers used in the formulation of this mattress ensures that the mattress sleeps fairly cool to help the sleeper get a nice sleep all night.


Where to buy Nest Alexander Mattress

The only legal place to purchase Alexander mattress is online on their official selling site



Nest bedding is an exceptional e-commerce company which has devoted itself to creating mattresses with three firmness level to satisfy many sleepers’ preferences. It is one among the few one stop online shops which offers different options for their consumers. If you are looking for a mattress with great value and price, Nest bedding is the best place to look for.