Novosbed Mattress Review

Are you looking for an online-only company that produces mattresses with different firmness levels? Novosbed is one among a few e-commerce mattress companies that have been creating and selling its brands for quite a long time. Its gradual gained experience over the years helps it construct quality products that satisfy consumers’ needs. In this Novosbed mattress review we provide you all the useful information that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your mattress of choice on the internet.

Is it true that Novosbed being an experienced company is able to construct excellent mattress versions? To find the answer, continue reading this Novosbed mattress review.

Novosbed in its intention of providing services to many sleepers decided to produce high-quality mattresses with varying firmness feels:

  • Soft mattress is formerly known as Harmony
  • Medium firm mattress is formerly known as Aria and
  • Firm mattress is formerly known as Classic.

The provision of several options enables Novosbed to serve many consumers who find the features they look for in a mattress at novosbed brands.

The Construction of Novosbed Mattress

For the sake of consistency in this Novosbed mattress review we gathered information regarding the medium firm version of Novosbed.

As a matter of fact, all mattress manufacturers before creating a mattress, they first settle down on the materials they want to use when constructing a mattress. Among these materials are the fabrics used in the making of the mattress cover.


The cover of Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed cover is created using many different materials with the aim of coming up with a surface that performs the best when in contact with the sleeper. These fabrics include:

  • A combination of silica14%, polyester 68%, lyocell 8% and modacrylic 10% for the top layer of the cover and
  • A blend of visil 24%, polypropolene 5%, modacraylic 3%, silica 4% and polyester57% for the side panels.


Merging all these materials ensures the mattress offers:

  • Great responsive rate,
  • High level of breathability for the mattress- this helps keep the sleeping surface cool for the sleeper. The cover been lean also play a great role in maintaining a cooler surface- this is made possible by its ability to allow easy flow of air in and out of the mattress.
  • A nice and sleek finish- the flower like design on the white top fabric of the cover brings out the modern look on the mattress.


The best and the coolest characteristic of Novosbed cover is that the top layer of the cover can be easily removed for quick and fast cleaning of the mattress. This is brought about by the presence of the blue zipper along the perimeter.


The layers of Novosbed Mattress

The quality and the size of the materials used in the creation of novosbed mattress layers were keenly chosen. The manufacturers settled on having three memory foam layers for the mattress. They also decided on building mattresses with varying firmness levels; the soft, medium firm and firm mattress options.


The total thickness of Novosbed mattress lands at 11 inches which enables it provides excellent comfort and support for the sleeper.

In this part of Novosbed mattress review we used the medium firm mattress version with the aim of maintaining the great flow of information.

  • The top layer: this layer is made of 2-inch ultra-dense memory foam. Its major function is to provide a cooler sleeping surface for the sleeper. It also plays a role in enhancing great comfort levels and pressure relieving between the mattress and the sleeper.

The presence of large aeration pores within the top layer adds to the cooling of the mattress.

  • The middle layer: this is a 2 inch layer which is extracted from ultra-dense memory foam. It is placed right under the top layer to provide medium responsiveness and deep compression support for the mattress.
  • The bottom layer: this layer is created from 7 inch support foam. It plays a major role of acting as the foundational base of the mattress.


The firmness, support, comfort, and feel of the Novosbed mattress

Novosbed is one company of its kind. It produces mattresses with varying firmness feels- the soft, medium firm and the firm feel mattress. They also gift you comfort kits to enable you to adjust the firmness level to your preference. In this portion of novosbed mattress review we focus on the medium firm mattress which is the choice of many sleepers.

Medium feel novosbed mattress stands at 5.5 to 6 on the firmness scale.

Its alternative options lands at 3.5 to 4 on the firmness scale for the soft mattress and 7.5 to 8 on the firmness scale for the firm option.

Medium feel also offers exceptional contour hugs, excellent comfort levels and great support for the sleeper.

In addition, the version presents little sinkage rate with less pressure points.

In regard to cooling, the mattress cover and the top layer enhances great cooling of the mattress for the sleeper.

Motion transfer is another sector that novosbed medium feel mattress performs best. It isolates the movement made on a certain point to prevent it from circulating to other areas of the mattress. This feature of novosbed makes it the best option for couples. While sleeping on this bed, one partner easily make movements without disturbing the other.


The pricing of Novosbed Mattress

Do you feel convinced with the characteristics of novosbed mattress and would like to buy novosbed mattress of your option? Visit their official online selling site and make an order.

Price formulation of many online selling mattress companies varies depending on the size of the mattress. Novosbed was not left behind, they, like their competitors constructed prices basing on the size of the mattress but they made sure that their price point was down to earth. Here are the prices of novosbed medium feel mattress:

  • $799 for a twin size mattress,
  • $849 for a twin Xl size,
  • $899 for a full size,
  • $999 for a Queen size,
  • 1,199 for a king size and
  • 1,199 for a California king size mattress.


Novosbed mattress Discounts

This company offers the best price for their customers. In addition, they also provide price cut of $100 for every mattress sold online.


Novosbed Mattress Pros

The medium feels novosbed mattress presents many benefits to its consumers which include:

  • The mattress has great foam features- its foam layers provides a cool sleeping surface, relieves pressure, offer excellent comfort and isolates motion for the mattress.
  • The mattress comes with a removable cover- this allows easy and quick cleaning of the mattress instead of spot cleaning it.
  • The company accompanies the mattress with different toppers- this helps you to adjust the firmness level of the mattress to fit your preference.
  • The mattress sleeps fairly cool- the materials used in the construction of novosbed mattress affirms the cooling of the mattress sleeping surface.
  • The company also offers free and direct shipping for novosbed mattress- by creating and distributing their brands right from the factory, the manufacturers get to cut the middle men costs hence enabling them to charge fair prices for their mattresses.
  • The mattress comes compressed in a box- this makes it easy for you to move it to your bedroom.
  • The shipping process is quick and easy- it only takes 24 hours for the team in novosbed to process your order and ship it to your area of preference. It then takes about 1-6 business days for the delivery of your package.
  • The mattress is created in the United States of America this fact enable consumers to rest assured of good quality brand.
  • 15 years warranty is also offered upon purchasing novosbed mattress.
  • The mattress comes with additional after sale services which include the 120 hassle free night trial- during this period you are allowed to return the mattress back and get your full refund.


Cons of Novosbed mattress

This mattress carries with it a few drawbacks such as:

  • The mattress emits some unpleasant smell- as it is the norm of all beds in boxes to produce smelly gases when the wrap is removed; it expected that this mattress will release some gases at the first time in use.
  • When the mattress is unwrapped and you need to return it back, it is very hard for it to get back into the same box. 
  • You can only get to test the mattress after making a purchase- since this company operates online, it not possible for you to test the mattress before buying it.


Who are the sleepers that this Novosbed Mattress Review targets?

This review targets sleepers who:

  • Are looking for a company that offers different firmness levels for their mattresses- novosbed provides 3 firmness levels soft, medium firm and firm option for sleepers to choose from.
  • Wants medium hug and sinkage- this mattress performs quite well in providing adequate sinkage and hug to the sleeper while sleeping.
  • Want a mattress that gives excellent pressure relief- the foams used in the creation of novosbed mattress works well to distribute the sleeper’s weight hence relieving unwanted pressure points.
  • Want an all memory foam mattress- building of novosbed mattresses are based on exclusive memory foams.
  • Are looking for a mattress with great value- the price point offered by this company for its brands is pocket friendly to all consumers.


Where to buy Novosbed Mattress

The only known and allowed place to your novosbed mattress is online on the official selling site



Novosbed is an e- commerce mattress company that expands its thought in a constructive manner. They goes an extra mile of building mattresses with varying firmness levels which helps reach out to consumers who like comparing brands before they make a purchase. Their prices and their provision of the comfort toppers is another feature that places them in a special place in consumers purchase list. If you are a lover of memory foam mattresses, give novosbed a look and you will be impressed with what you will discover about it.