Purple Mattress Review

Our Purple Mattress Review may help you to get the detail insider information about the Purple Mattress. Do you suffer from chronic sleep disorders and are looking for the best mattress to help you eliminate your night woes? Do not search any further, here we provide you with purple mattress review to enable you dig dipper on the features accompanying the product. The materials incorporated into this mattress helps solve most of the sleeping problems. Its formulation and construction is keenly observed to help come up with a product which is favorable to most people with different sleeping positions.

Purple Mattress Review

What is Purple Mattress?

Purple mattress is the newest and trendy bed in the sleeping industry today. It is a combination of hyper-elastic polymer and polyurethane foams. Its construction brings in board both firm and soft feel experience for all types of sleepers with the following sleeping angles:

  • Back sleeping position
  • Side sleeping position and
  • Stomach sleeping position

This mattress has also been proven to provide cool sleep and excellent spinal alignment. There are two sleeping positions that help to align the spinal cord:

  1. Side sleeping angle– to align your spinal in a straight manner, you need to lie using the side position.
  2. Back sleeping angle– for your spinal to maintain its neutral curve, sleeping on the back does a better job.

If you are suffering from spinal and back pains, it is time you browsed online to buy purple mattress for yourself.

Since our main aim of writing Purple mattress review is to provide you with more detailed information about its characteristics, here is it’s formulation method. 

Purple Mattress Back and Side Sleeping


Construction of Purple Mattress

This product is built using two types of materials– the hyper-elastic polymer and the poly urethane foams. Its constitution involves three layers:

  1. The top layer (smart grid design): the major role of this layer is to enhance cool and comfortable sleep. It is a 2” inch foam slab of hyperelastic polymer which is designed to relieve pressure points which your body tends to create while providing a nice cool sleep experience. It also has a non-toxic powder coating of polyethylene copolymer.
  2. Middle Layer: this provides a transitional support to the first layer of the Purple mattress. It is made up of 3.5”, 1.8 lbs polyurethane foam which together with the top layer works towards improving the comfort ability and the cooling of the top layer.
  3. Base Layer: this acts as the foundational layer of the purple mattress. It is 4”, 2.0lbs and extracted from polyurethane foam.

Purple Mattress Layers


Purple Mattress Cover

The manufacturers of purple bed decided to settle on a white sparkling with diamond pattern cover which catches the eye attention from far. It is made from high-quality fabric content which is:Purple Mattress Protectors

  • 29% Viscose
  • 67 % Polyester and
  • 4% Lycra

These materials are soft and stretchy to allow the cover get back to its normal shape instantly after been tugged on. This cover also blends well with the hyper elastic polymer smart grid top layer to help keep the excessive heat at bay. The manufacturers enhance more outstanding mattress design by using the embossed purple logo all around the mattress.


Firmness, Comfort, and Feel

The presence of hyperelastic polymer as the top layer of the purple bed improves comfort ability and provides a unique feel of the mattress. It carries out its cooling and bouncing functions almost the same as the latex mattress.

In the firmness aspect, the Purple mattress position’s at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale- where 10 represent the most firm mattress.

If your mattress of choice features matches this of purple bed, go online and buy purple mattress at a price that will favor your pocket. Read Purple Mattress review and take decisions.


Sinkage rate of the Purple Mattress

The rate at which your purple mattress sinks depends highly on the amount of weight Inserted on it. If your weight falls between 150 pounds and below, then your chances of floating on the mattress are very high; this works the same for heavyweight sleepers. The more your weight is the more the sinkage percentage rises. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, you are more likely to enjoy purple mattress features than a person whose weight is less than 140 pounds.


What is the life span of the Purple Mattress?

The materials used in the construction of this product speak louder, they are high quality and formulated in such a manner which increases the longevity of the mattress.  Within the comfort, a layer is the gel material, highly durable and aids in compacting the three layers together to avoid excessive sagging of the mattress. To assure their customers of a long period of service by the Purple bed, the manufacturers issue a 10-year limited warranty from which they compensate their consumers for any industry mishaps within that limited duration.


Motion Transfer

This product has the characteristics of latex mattress in it but in the motion transfer sector, the mattress tends to go against the rules of latex. It offers very minimal movement feelings which allow a couple to have good night sleeps uninterrupted by their partner’s movements.

The grid design of the polymer material helps isolate the motion energy and zips it within its origin to avoid its circulation to other parts of the mattress.


Purple Bed Pricing

Pricing is crucial and is done while bearing the competitors in mind. It is also constructed depending on the size of the mattress. For the purple bed, prices range from:

  • $669 for a Twin XL Mattress
  • $999 for a Queen-Size MattressVisit Purple Mattress
  • $1299 for a King-Size Mattress
  • $1299 for a California King Size Mattress.

Apart from offering fair prices to their clients, the manufacturers go an extra mile of giving purple mattress discounts to their esteemed customers. This varies from 75% to 100% less than the competitors’ selling within the local stores.


Shipping Process

Purple Bed Company presents great offers to their customers who purchase online. Apart from making their buying process easy and accessible, they offer free shipping as an additional service. The only major role you have to play is to place the order, after that;  the employees from the industry picks from there to enhance smooth and quick transfer of your package. It comes wrapped in a medium-size bag which enables easy movements within your house. Check out the below Purple Mattress Review Unboxing Video.


Purple Mattress review is intended for which category of consumers?

This product is designed to take care of the majority of sleepers who:

  • Want an exceptional cool mattress- the hyper elastic polymer on the top layer is designed to allow enough air circulation in and out of the mattress to keep it cool for the whole night long. The thin cover of this product allows an easy and efficient flow of the air into the purple bed.
  • Want rounded contours- the unique formulation of the purple mattress helps distribute your weight all over the mattress to provide you with balanced rounded contours.
  • Want a balanced firm feel- rating 6 out of 10 in the firmness scale, this product satisfies the needs of the consumers who buy it based on its firmness. This feature is also determined by the amount of weight inserted on the purple bed. The more weight you have the more you will sink into the mattress and the better experience you will have with the product.


When the body conforms into the mattress, it relieves the pressure points hence allowing you to have a comfortable sleep.

  • Want great sex and bounce- the top layer of the purple bed provides an adequate level of bounce from which the mattress gets back to its normal shape after an amount of pressure is exerted on it.

The immediate response, adequate bounce, effective linkage and perfect edge support gives the couple great sex experience.

  • Want virtual motion transfer- despite the fact that this mattress provides balanced bounce, motion transfer are a rare occurrence. The hyper elastic polymer material absorbs motions made to that confined area.
  • Sleep in multiple positions-this mattresses is one of the few which provide comfort ability to sleepers with different sleeping positions. These positions are – stomach, back, and side.
  • Want a boxed mattress sold online- this product beats all its competitors more so those selling online. It is made of high-quality materials which are easily compressed to fit in the box during the shipping process.


Your chances of falling in love with purple mattress are minimal if you:

  1. Are searching for a mattress that you understand– for purple, it is difficult to categorize it under any specific group because it is a mixture of many features. It may be hard for a shopper to know whether it is a foam, spring or latex mattress.
  2. Love mattresses with specific features- Purple mattress is not latex neither is it foam or spring. If your love goes to spring mattress, then follow your heart desires but the best if well managed is a Purple bed.


Purple Mattress Pros

Purple mattress review presents benefits enjoyed by those who sleep on purple bed such as:

  • It virtually gets rid of pressure points.
  • Provides neutral temperatures.
  • Functions well with stretchy sheets and elastic mattress protector.
  • It feels gentle on your shoulders and hips. It also supports your back regardless of the position you sleep in.
  • The foams that make the mattress are Certi-PUR-US Certified.
  • Manufactured in the USA and transported directly to your residence.
  • Provides 10 years limited warranty to the consumers.
  • Offers a 100-night money back guarantee- the company gives you a maximum of 100 nights to test your purple mattress from the date of delivery. If you don’t like it within the provided time, then you are free to return the mattress to the company and receive your full refund.
  • Provides free shipment for the purchased products to your doorstep and in instances where you don’t get satisfied with the mattress, the manufacturers arrange for the return of their product without charging you not even a penny.

Purple Mattress Cons

  • Provides only one model
  • Offers mattresses with the same level of firmness only.

Where to buy Purple Mattress

This product is only sold online in the manufacturer’s official website onpurple.com

To enjoy your sleep throughout the night without regular wake ups, make good use of the purple mattress review today and visit their webpage online to buy purple mattress at a more reduced price.

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